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Friday, January 21, 2011

About skin ayurveda clinic

Dr.R.S.Roy, the chief physician and M.D of Amrita Ayurveda Medical Centre, hailed from a family having rich heritage of Ayurveda. From his grandmother, who was a practitioner in ‘VishaChikitsa’, he could acquire knowledge in the initial lessons of treatment from his very boyhood.
After securing BAMS degree from Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College, Ollur, he underwent training and practice under Ayurveda Acharya, late Kunju Raman Vaidyar, Pourasthya Pharmacy Kollam, which paved the way for success in his future career.
In 1990, he started Amrita Pharmacy at Kundara, Kollam. Following this, in 1996, his next venture began near Kinar junction, Tripunithura, where he concentrated on the treatment of skin and allergic diseases. Gradually, in 2002, Amrita Ayurveda Medical Centre was started at Tripunithura with a full set up of all amenities, which now stands a class apart in all the main streams of Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is based on the theory of Tridosha and Panchamahabhuta. A balanced state of the tridoshas namely Vatha, Pitha and Kapha is essential for the normal functioning of the body. Imbalance of tridoshas causes diseases. Dietary factors, life style variations, stress, over medication, hereditary factors, environmental pollution etc lead to the vitiation of the tridoshas. This in turn affects the vital internal organs. The decreased or deranged functioning of the internal organs causes accumulation of impurities in the blood which is reflected as various pathological conditions.
Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by red, thickened and scaly skin. Itching is the main symptom and the disease may cause severe physical discomfort and embarrassment in the public.
Psoriasis shows the involvement of all the tridoshas in varying degree in the affected individuals. The predominance of vatha causes pain, dryness and scaling of skin. Pitha vitiation leads to burning sensation, redness, discharge etc and that of kapha causes rashes, itching, thickening of skin etc. From these signs and symptoms, the doshic involvement is analyzed carefully in each patient which is of utmost importance in the management of this disease.
This basic principle is followed in skin disease like LEUKODERMA also, with a good success rate.
(Chief Physician and M.D.)
Dr. R.S. Roy
Spouse: Dr. Sindhu M.D. (Ayu) Professor and H.O.D, Dept.of Salakyatantra Govt. Ayu.College & Hospital Tripunithura

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